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Having an ice maker in your home or business is a luxury that we often overlook. Whenever we want a cold drink, we have ice instantly at our fingertips. This is convenient until you go to get some ice and nothing is there! Unfortunately ice makes will fail over time, but there is no need to panic over this.

All ice machines are basically built the same way with most of them using the same functioning parts. It is a very simple job to diagnose the problem, and repair the broken ice machine in no time. Whether you have a small ice machine in your freezer or a larger standalone ice maker, you can run into issues when you least expect.

Our team will be able to diagnose the problem and help you with your ice maker repair Melbourne, FL issue. We will quickly diagnose the problem and fix the issue, so you can enjoy the luxury of having ice at any time.

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Types of Ice Machines We Repair:

We can fix the most common ice machines and makers for your home, office, or business. These include: 

Ice Dispensers: This machine not only makes the ice, but it dispenses the ice as well. It is designed for frequent usage, so this machine is going to be found in businesses such as, hospitals, hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, and more. 

Counter Top Ice Makers: This unit is designed to be a self-service unit, and will typically produce small ice cubes and will also dispense water in most cases. This unit can be found in small restaurants and sits perfectly on the countertop. 

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Self-Contained Ice Machines: This machine can often be found under counters in commercial settings such as a cafeteria, restaurant, or church. These machines are best for small places that are compact. 

Under Counter Ice Makers: These ice makers are great for residential uses. It fits perfectly under your countertop in your kitchen or bar area. The typical production amount of ice from these residential under-the-counter ice machines is 25-50 lbs of ice per day. If you are experiencing a problem with your residential ice maker then call our Melbourne Florida Appliance Repair team today! 

Common Ice Maker Problems that We Can Repair:

Having a broken ice maker is not a good experience. There are a few different types of issues that could be causing you trouble. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Not Cold Enough to Freeze: A freezer should typically around 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit to properly function. If the temperature gets too hot, there will be a problem freezing and keeping your ice frozen. 

Bad Freezer Switch: If there is a problem with your freezer switch, your freezer can turn off accidentally, this might cause a problem with the functionality of the freezer and can significantly affect the overall making of ice and the state of your freezer. 

Bad Water Inlet Valve: When your water inlet valve is going bad you will see the signs. Your ice cubes may become smaller, or you may see a solid chunk of ice instead of ice cubes. Another total failure to make ice. These are all signs of a bad water inlet. If you are having this problem contact the best ice maker repair in Melbourne, FL. 

Ice Level Control Board: When you control board fails you will notice that your ice maker is making too much ice and the ice begins to overflow. The lever arm that is attached to the board communicates with the control board to let it know that the ice tray is full. If the ice lever control board is bad, it will not know when to stop producing ice. 

Defective Ice Mold Thermostat: The ice maker mold thermostat, or also known as a cycling thermostat, controls the ice makers ejection cycle by keeping track of and monitoring the temperature inside the freezer, so it will know when to eject the ice from the ice maker. This process is repeated until the ice bin is full. If the thermostat is faulty, it will not know when to eject the ice, so your ice mold may back up or produce too little. 

Why Appliance Repair Melbourne for Your Ice Maker Repair?

Our appliance repair company is like no other. We take pride in our work and will always put you, the customer’s, needs first! Our number one goal is to satisfy all of our customers needs! If your ice maker stops working, and you don’t know who to turn to, call Appliance Repair Melbourne Florida today!


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