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Dryer Repair In Melbourne Florida

Dryers are a valuable time-saving appliance that most people have in their homes. This appliance has become a convenience in our everyday lives and helps us finish our laundry in a timely manner. As long as your dryer is maintained and kept up it will run with no problems, but we know that not everything is perfect.

Whenever your dryer breaks down and starts causing you problems it can become a very big headache. Your laundry will begin to back up because you have no way to dry your clothes quickly. That is when you need to call Appliance Repair Melbourne Florida. Our dryer repair Melbourne technicians will come to your home and assess the problem, find a solution, and make the repair in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is our guarantee! Contact our team today.

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Most Common Dryer Problems

Dryer Tumblr Not Spinning: If you noticed that your dryer drum is not spinning this can be the result of a broken belt, a stretched belt, or a worn-out belt. This is a very easy common repair that our technicians will be able to fix the same day. When fixed your drum will rotate freely once again.

The Dryer is Getting too Hot: When you dry your clothes your dryer should be hot but not too hot. If your dryer gets too hot it may cause damage to your clothes in the dryer. This can be the result of a bad thermostat in the dryer itself or a bad heating element. With the proper care and service, this fix does not take long, and you will be able to use your dryer once again.

The Dryer Will not Turn Off: When your dryer will not turn off or end its cycle this is the result of a bad timer. The timer is what lets the dryer know when to stop. When it is broken, it will not end the cycle. Don’t let your dryer repair be put off any longer for such a simple fix as this. Call our dryer repair service team today.

Dryer Will not Turn On: If you go to start your dryer, and you press the start button and nothing happens, this could be the result of a bad starter. If the starter has gone bad it will not make a connection for the timer to start. This could also be the result of a fuse. Don’t worry, this is not a major repair! This simple fix will have you using your dryer once again in no time.

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Clothes Are Still Wet: When the drying cycle is finished you expect your clothes to come out dried. If you notice that your clothes are still wet at the end of the cycle there could be a problem with your heating element or air circulation. If you have a bad heating element the air will not get hot enough to thoroughly dry your clothes in a timely manner. When the air circulation is bad this means that you have a clogged dryer vint. Check the lint filter in your dryer first, then call our dryer vent cleaning Melbourne team to set up a dryer vent cleaning.

When lint and debris is stuck in the vent it will cause pour air circulation. It prevents your dryer from drying your clothes thoroughly and this could also be a fire hazard. Call today to set up an appointment, so we can get this issue fixed as soon as possible!

Our customers are our number one concern. When you are happy, we are happy! Whatever we can do to help don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.